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  • 26th November
  • 26

New Fantasyland GIVEAWAY!

Nov. 26 marks the 10-day countdown to New Fantasyland’s grand reveal!

So I’ve decided to have a…


off all the extra New Fantasyland Stuff that I have.  

So let’s talk swag… 

  • 2 Postcards: One Little Mermaid theme, One Be Our Guest, Beauty & The Beast Theme.
  • One Aged New Fantasyland Map
  • Bubbles with Flounder (YAY!)
  • One Information Telecast that was provided to people during the Previews in early November.

Let’s Talk Rules…

  • You do NOT have to follow me. But now it’s an awesome time to discover my blog. If you do happen to follow, I thank you very much.
  • Entries will be with reblogs.NOT LIKES. So reblog your hearts  desires.
  • CAST MEMBER’s ALLOW. I mean not all of us work at MK so you might want some of this too. This does not give you a advantage though. Sorry!
  • Main blogs only. Not accepting blogs made only for giveaways.
  • I will Contact you thru your ask box on so have it open. 
  • Giveaway will last until DEC 6th when the grand reveal happens.
  • Winner will be pick at random with a online # generator.
  • Winner will have 3 days to answer if not a Secondary winner will be pick.
  • Any questions feel free to ask them.
  • I will reblog this every single day until the reveal. 


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